About Me

My name is Ben Corrie and I work at VMware. This is a personal blog reflecting my experiences and opinions in the Container space.

I am the father of Project Bonneville – a research project started at VMware in 2013 to investigate whether we could turn an ESXi host into a container host by spinning up lightweight VMs as containers, controlled by a Docker client. The focus of Bonneville was speed, efficiency and a deep investigation into whether a VM could be transparently presented as a container. It was a very successful proof of concept and we dined out on our MS-DOS gimmick for nearly 2 years. The most comprehensive overview and demo of Bonneville can be found here.

About VICe

After showcasing Bonneville at DockerCon in 2014, customer interest caused us to pivot somewhat away from the ESXi vs Linux focus and look at whether we could leverage enterprise capabilities of vSphere to create a robust multi-tenant container runtime for production workloads. This led to the design of vSphere Integrated Containers (VIC) in late 2015 and the project hit GitHub in early 2016. At VMworld 2016, the VIC brand was broadened to include Admiral and Harbor, so now VIC engine has become VICe.

The goal of VICe is to be an enterprise deployment endpoint for containers, focused on solving many of the challenges of running containers in production. The intent is to lean as much as possible on vSphere for networking, storage, control plane, isolation, clustering, scheduling, HA, multi-tenancy and then allow for the creation of dynamically configurable per-tenant service endpoints, which currently present as a subset of the Docker API.

A large part of the motivation for this blog is that there’s so much to be said about VIC and it is rapidly evolving. I hope folks find it useful and informative.